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 My Little Pony the Movie Canterlot & Seaquestria Castle with Friends Haven Bay Figure
 Walmart has listed the Canterlot & Seaquestria Playset on their website but this release comes with three additional bonus ponies, and one of them is quite special since it's a brand new character named "Haven Bay" she has quite an interesting color scheme! The other two bonus ponies included are Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle. So for a total of $88.00 you'll get the large playset with Queen Novo and Spike also included + these three bonus ponies and a ton of accessories! Have some images and other information below as well as the listing.
Thanks to pandaili.official for the heads up!

Walgreens Releases Exclusive Friendship Lessons Set
Out of the blue Walgreens started to sell an exclusive set from MLP The Movie called Friendship Lesson. It features Twilight Sparkle and Spike, but both have been released in other sets before.
Twilight Sparkle comes in her new reboot/movie mold, but looks equal to the one from Royal Friendships. While she's rather recent, Spike has gotten a mold from 2013, where he was first released in the Princess Celebration Car set. Even the included flip-over and pointer are re-used assets, who were featured in a Cheerilee set before. The only difference is the image shown on the board, which is now a map of Equestria.
Nonetheless this is a good start if you're looking for both Twilight Sparkle and Spike without any fancy features or accessories. The price of this set is unknown at the moment, and it's not available online, so your best bet to learn more about this set is to visit your local Walgreens.
Thanks to SLPhotos for the info!

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Food Truck Festival: Sunset Shimmer & Pinkie Pie Coming Soon
It might be a coincidence, but we have news about two My Little Pony food trucks today! The first bit of news is from Sunset Shimmer's Sushi truck, which was available for a short period of time. Her truck has cute details and Sunset herself has a unique outfit. However, at this moment it's back to out-of-stock, but it could pop-up as available any time.
She's got competition from Pinkie Pie with her Roll 'n Ring Cupcake Truck, from the Playskool Friends line. She's combined with Spike to run their kid-friendly cupcake truck, which has a spinning cupcake on top. This is the first time we see her listed anywhere, so a release is bound to come soon.
Update: Both are now available to order for a december (or earlier) release.

My Little Pony the Movie Friendship Festival Festival Foes Brushable Set
SDCC is still going and they have revealed two new sets for the Toys'R'Us Exclusive Friendship Festival Line! The first set is a 3-pack with Twilight Sparkle, Spike and Tempest Shadow herself and it's called "Festival Foes" (with Spike of course being the largest foe of them all. *cough*) The second set that they showed contains all the three princesses like most of us actually already expected. It's called "Princess Parade" None of them are listed on the Toys'R'Us website but we'll let you know when they do.


My Little Pony: The Movie My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle - $129.99
Amazon has finally made some of the listings available with their original listing price. Still some items are missing but we'll add them along the way. Stay tuned on our Social Media Pages for further updates. Have them all below!

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My Little Pony the Movie Trading Cards by Enterplay
A few weeks ago ToyWiz made some listings for a My Little Pony the Movie Trading Card Series, but today Enterplay has posted a small preview for these on their official Facebook page. We can see some of the main characters for the movie and the design of the cards, and I think that they look lovely. I love the dark colors a lot in contrast to the bright ones of the ponies.
Are you excited for this series? What do you hope to see? I would love to see some 3D-like cards!

My Little Pony the Movie Seaponies Make a Splash Golden Book
First of all I would like to notify you all that we know about the horrendous state of the Media Database. It's all one big mess with lots of titles missing. Right now I have one week left to finish this year of school which means I have plenty of time after wards. We already have ideas on improving both the media and comic databases and we will apply these changes very soon together with LPS Merch (and another site) We'll keep you notified!

Store Finds: Principal Celestia & Spike Plush
We have quite a small store finds post today, but some info we want to get out nonetheless! All submits are from US Target stores, so be sure to check your local Target for new merch the coming days!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

MLP The Movie FiM Collection Tempest Shadow, Grubber, Pinkie Pie
It has only been a day, but the first new MLP The Movie listings from Entertainment Earth already got their images online! Above you can see the Tempest Shadow & Grubber and Pinkie Pie sets, and below are the 13" Seapony plush we expected to see.
Pre-orders for the Friendship is Magic Collection sets and 13" plush can still be placed.
As an added bonus we also got a sneak peak at some of the other sets in the upcoming Friendship is Magic Collection line, showing Shining Armor's Royal Chariot and the CMC and their balloon stand.
MLP The Movie 13 Inch Plush Seaponies
MLP The Movie Upcoming FiM Collection Sets

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Entertainment Earth Lists Tons of New Movie Stuff
Entertainment Earth has listed quite a lot of new My Little Pony the Movie items. We get a look at some new Friendship is Magic Collection sets as well as Guardians of Harmony and a lot of cuddly plush. Without further ado, lets talk about them shall we? According to Entertainment Earth they will ship out this July/August. None of the listings has images as of yet, but we'll report on that as soon as they're updated.