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Exclusive First Look at Cutie Mark Crew Blind Bags!
At the first announcement, only two weeks ago, we've read tons of positive responses on the Cutie Mark Crew series that Hasbro will introduce this year. After a bit of digging we managed to get more information about the first set of blind bags that will be released alongside the 5-packs. And not just any bit of info, but the complete line-up for wave 1 + box design!
The Cutie Mark Crew blind bags line continues with the regular 24 characters per box, but this time you'll get either a pony, seapony or Equestria Girl. In all three categories the mane 6 is featured, but one is missing: a seapony Rarity is not included. This first wave, which is named 'Cafeteria Cuties', the totals come up at 12 ponies, 5 seaponies and 7 Equestria Girls.
Every character comes with a unique accessory and a 'home' in which they fit, and these can be stacked on top of each other to easily store and display your collection of Cutie Mark Crew figures.
Below we have the list of characters that will be included in the first wave, which is expected to be released in May of 2018. Also listed is the official description for this new line of blind bags.

It's been a while since our last store finds post, so this one is longer than ever! Because of that we didn't write too many words for each find, but we made sure to put as much images in as possible!
This time we have a lot of long awaited items, including wave 22 blind bags and lots of brand new finds too, like a new FiM Collection wave and Mash Mallows.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

First 2018 MLP Merch Available on Amazon + New Keychain Plush
Around the middle of December we made a massive post on new items that were listed on Amazon, but were not in stock yet. Right at the start of 2018 loads of these items were delivered to Amazon's warehouses and are now available! Not everything is available right away (for example the Applejack keychain), most most of them are.
In addition to these status changes, we also saw two new keychain plush: Cheerilee and Starlight Glimmer! All listings and images can be found below.

Stock Images Found of Captain Celaeno & Spike Set
Almost two months after the first images surfaced of the Captain Celaeno & Spike set, the official stock images are out. A Russian Hasbro reseller listed the set with four high quality images, revealing the full box design and all contents.
We see that the pirate hat Spike is wearing, and the hat and coat of Celaeno are removable, as well as their weapons. A pirate chest full of diamonds is also included in the set.
This version does not feature any "Walmart Exclusive"-stickers, so there's hope for people outside the US that want to get their hands on this set. Speaking of which, so far this is the only find of the set that we heard of, none were found in Walmart stores yet.
Thanks to Tomo for the info!

MLP The Movie Rainbow Dash Flip & Flow Seapony Brushable

Amazon has gone crazy again and listed all kinds of new merchandise. Some of them we've already seen but some of them are brand new as well! Have all the listings and information below. We'll update the post later with more details as we're quite in a hurry this morning. ;)

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My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Rarity Relaxing Beach Lounge Set
I remember that when the Beach Minis were revealed that a lot of people wondered were Rarity was. She also wasn't included with the larger Rainbow Dash set. Turns out that she also receives a larger set called "Rarity Relaxing Beach Lounge" This set contains a lounger for on the beach as well as some juicy drinks. Oh and Spike the Dog is also included. No word yet on the release date yet but I expect them to arrive next month.

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(Dutch) Nog 1 Week - Twilight Sparkle & Spike Friendship Duet Winactie!
English: This giveaway is in Dutch, sorry English viewers! New international giveaways coming soon!
Nederlands: Speciaal voor My Little Pony de Film geven wij van MLP Merch een gratis Twilight Sparkle & Spike Friendship Duet set weg t.w.v. €39,99!

(Dutch) Twilight Sparkle & Spike Friendship Duet Review + Winactie!
English: This review, giveaway and video is in Dutch, sorry English viewers! New international giveaways coming soon!
Nederlands: Speciaal voor My Little Pony de Film hebben we, naast een voorproefje van de film, ook nog een Twilight Sparkle & Spike Friendship Duet set toegestuurd gekregen! We konden het uiteraard niet laten liggen en zijn gelijk de doos open gaan maken en hebben onze eerste reacties gefilmd, die kun je nu hieronder terugkijken:

My Little Pony the Movie Captain Celaeno and Spike Guardians of Harmony Figures
The movie has now officially been released for about a month now. We saw merchandise appearing of Songbird Serenade, Tempest Shadow, Capper and even Grubber. But we had still no clue of how the Captain Celaeno figure was gonna be released. We saw her during several cons though like Comic Con and HASCON but not much else was known aside that she would be a Walmart Exclusive.

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My Little Pony Seaquestria and Beyond MLP CCG Card Set by Enterplay
First of all: It's likely that at a certain points there will perhaps be cards containing spoilers of the Movie. Like screenshots and maybe some information. 

Time to introduce a new kind of weekly post: Weekly CCG Card reveals. Each Monday we compile all the new teased and revealed cards of the newest CCG expansion. In this case it will be cards from Seaquestria and Beyond which is all based around the My Little Pony Movie. 
All cards have been sorted by their types and you can find them all below. This set will be added to the database when all of them have been revealed and we got all the info.